Epurga’s mission is to become a significant contributor to the communities in which it operates by utilizing our proprietary technology and experience to reduce the demand upon landfill space while creating needed products without consuming new resources. We will accomplish this by reforming waste at the atomic level, reusing those waste-extracted hydrogen and carbon atoms to form valuable long-chain and/or aromatic hydrocarbons, and replacing part of the global demand for ground-extracted, fossil-sourced hydrocarbons.

Simply put, Epurga’s process involves recovering various waste streams (such as municipal solid waste, construction & demolition waste, tires and sludge) that would normally go directly to landfills across the country, subjecting them to heat to extract hydrogen- and carbon-rich gases, which are then processed using Epurga’s proprietary, patented catalysts to produce a range of liquid hydrocarbons such as xylenes and paraxylene.

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